*NEW MuSiC + Quick Nutz*

I see Gucci Mane is the new Lil Wayne he is gonna be on EVERYBODY’s song after while. I guess no one cares about his nursery rhyming.

I just wanna say Gucci Mane ConGrats on your NEW Hollywood Smile….Good Investment!!!

Big Boi feat Gucci Mane – Shine Blockas

Mika Means feat Lil Wayne – Everybody Knows ( sounds like Kelis and you gotta hustle in the ATL too sooooo….) I guess she ballin….lol

N.E.R.D. Feat SantiGold – Solider ( I can’t relive the 80’s with them)

 The Wait is Over….And I’m not Buying!!!!!!

Rhianna got a release date faster that most…lol But than again this could mean anything. So…..I’m not Buying!!!!


Marge is showing her Cartoon Pussy!


 That little girl is looking  at the man that’s about to crawl otta Pam’s Pussy. Pam is an old bitch she needs to Grow the Fuck Up…You not SEXY PAMMY!
Hollywood Style Awards

Kimberly K. showing her Ass in South Africa


Damm It. This needs to STOP


Why she got the dog by her Tuna Can..Bitch!!!


No, Sweetie There is NOTHING growing…lol


*Blink Blink*


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