Really Joe????

You have To Ask Yourself…Do I Really want to Watch “This Is It” With Joe Jackson for $3000?


Fashion Designer  class=”hiddenSpellError” pre=”Designer “Bian Variani, in collaboration with LVH magazine, Brenden Theatres and Seven&Company, is offering a $3,000 “Platinum VIP” package culminating in a screening of This Is It in Vegas on Oct. 27. It’s highlighted (if you will) by a “private dinner with Mr. Joseph Jackson,” who will pose for photos and autograph copies of his book, Joseph Jackson: Man in the Mirror, Father of the First Family of Music, which will be handed out as part of the package. The hotel’s comped as well. After the film, Joe will “thank the viewers and the fans for watching his son’s movie with him,” and host an opening night party at Palms Casino Resort’s Moon nightclub.

Joe You can go straight to HELL do not pass go do not collect $200

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