Where R They At????

I’m gonna ponder this Question When I’m Listening To My Greatest Hitz Playlist. So Where They At????

Mic Geronimo


Last Seen In 1999 Doin This…lol Funny once he worked wit Puffy he fell off.

UPDATE::::: :::::: Found Him

Click This if You Care http://www.myspace.com/mgeronimo



Last Seen Doin this in 1998

UPDATE::::: :::::: Found Him


HipHopWired: You’ve also reconnected with your original producers, The Smith Brothers. What can we expect from A+ in 2009?

A+: The album will be entitled Without A Trace. The premise is me disappearing from the game without a trace and the album is real detailed. It’s a lot of concepts on the album as far as what’s going on today. I got a joint called “Who Stole Hip-Hop?” which I just shot the video for. It’s pretty much like a story/ movie type of thing. It’s a lot different from what cats are doing right now. It’s real detailed and I’m brining it back on some real Hip-Hop shit.

This album is about original Hip-Hop and hard beats. It’s universal and all I can promise is that I’m bringing some good music. Everything Hip-Hop needs. The Smith Brothers are handling the bulk of the production. I’m also gonna be leaking some joints to the streets and the Internet and drop a few mixtapes to get the buzz back up before we drop the album.



Last Seen Doin This in 1993 and I loved it!!!

Kut Klose


Last seen Doin This in 1995

So Folks Where They At???


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