Wii U Killing Me

Nintendo Wii has done it again…. Folks get ready for the Wii CyberBike!!!!




Europe gets it First..sucks!!!…..Here’s the Details

Get the exercise shoes out as it appears Nintendo has plans to release it’s most expensive controller to get people working out. With a European release date of 2010, the Wii Cyberbike will come bundled with a cycling game.

The objective of the game will be to pedal around the globe in an effort to clean our polluted world. The stationary bike is not just limited to use with this cycling game as Nintendo has also confirmed that it is compatible with Mario Kart, which I think will interest more game players.

Pricing announcements are still to follow as is the US release date. It will be interesting to see how the Cyberbike does in the market. As an exercise bike, you have to wonder if the local gyms might carry a few of these to draw in more clientele. via Coated

So look out for this maybe in a Year or 2 I know it will be so worth it… I’m Excited R U???

Look Out for UpDates on the CyberBike Here On Media EjacUlation….

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