Fuck, H1N1 we got an Epidemic NOW

What the Hell are these Girls trying to accomplish? I think some folks like to struggle and make shit difficult. What does it say, you not building a library, computer/science/math lab No a Day Care Center. So are they saying it’s OKAY??? Well It’s NOT!!!

But Why Just black girls. I know Hispanic Girls are fucking shit Hispanics out number us.  Black People only make up 14% of  the population Their was just some white girls making a pact to get knocked up. So this reporting is SUSPECT!!!

Where the fucking Boys in this mess???

115 out of 800???? When I was there age and in H.S. my friends never even mention fucking at least not around me. We was dry humping at Rice parties at best…lol Guys made me nervous especially the neighborhood drug dealers when I was 13 – 16…lol

The Times are Changing and it’s Not looking Good For Black Folks as usual…


What the Fuck… What do you got to do tell these Kids to use a condom if you gonna Fuck or Just Don’t do righht NOW wait, something….sheesh. I know what these females need besides an Ass Kicking

The One thing I agree with From Nas… Listen Baby Girls… True then as it is NOW!!!

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