Quick Nutz

Trey Songz…smh… He better do something because NO ONE is Buying



50 is using Kelly Rowland to play his baby mama in a new viedo…Do We Care???


 Supa Ci Ci Pops it for the Kids. Them moves are so TIRED!


(Caution: Lots Of Pussy Poppin and Splits)

Rhi Rhi is Walking…Again. She better be sing Opera on this New album of hers if not I’m Not Buying!!!


Chris Is Lookin…Again. He better have a Prince cameo on his New album or something if not I’m Not Buying!!!!!


So is it Offical??? Man and Mistress


Somebody Is Going To POP any second. Don’t worry a camera will be there..lol


Nippy. You not on that BAD shit are ya???


No Ma’am In Malaysia…HA!


Malaysia Should boycott Mother Yaki…Is it really that difficult to cover you pussy up and tone down the rolling for your FANS??? I guess not Concert cancelled Again!!! 

You Can wear this and Put Glitter on it lol…Everybodies Happy..Simple!


Hey!!!! Warrior How the fuck did you get 2.5 mil in the hole with the IRS????


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