Toxic Parent!!!

You Know I can careless about NeNe and her Big Mouth but Micheal Lohan needed to get his ass chewed out.

 If you don’t know Micheal Lohan is Lindsay Lohan’s Father. He got his “fame” by bashing his daughter to anybody that would listen to his bullshit. I will say his intentions are good, I think . But its NOT Working 

 Have seen Lindsay lately????


( Young, Fresh, Mean Girl Days)

good linds


( Coke, booze, free fucking, fake lesbian love and no parental attention)


Poor chile is 23 looking like a 50 yr old hooker who died and rose from the dead. She needs HELP!!! I’m sure her pops going around and dogging her out is NOT helping things. Whatever she is going through its PERSONAL and should be treated as such. You can’t get mad at people’s opinions when you put your business in the street.

One thought on “Toxic Parent!!!

  1. Lindsay was such a cute lil girl. Now she looks absolutely horrific. She’s only 23. I don’t understand how people that got money (tons & tons) can’t seem to get themselves together. I’m over here making a choice between a bill and food and this broad don’t got to make those type of choices but looks like that. Some folks got it good & they don’t even know.

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