A Little Motvation For U

Everybody needs some motivation from time to time. We as Black people have a Rich history built on motivation and determination. I like to post things on this blog that is productive and informative for ya’ll so I figured why not celebrate my rich heritage every now and then.

When you read about Blacks from the old world and what they had to do to find a piece of mind I figured maybe their story will give Us some extra Motivation. So Lets begin shall we….I hope this is a post you will learn to look forward to because who knows you Might learn something or be reminded of the POWER we as Black People really have.


The First Haitian to get his own “Black Heritage Stamp”

Jean Baptiste Pointe Du Sable (1745-1818)
Born about 1745-50, St. Marc, Sainte-Domingue (now Haiti)
Died Aug. 28, 1818, St. Charles, Mo.

Du Sable was born on the Island of Haiti. His Father was a French Sea Captain and his mother an ex-slave. Du Sable was educated in France before settling in America with his Native American bride, Catherine. Du Sable went on to be a successful pioneer and entrepreneur establishing the first permanent trading post on the Chicago River in 1779. He was officially recognized in 1968 by the State of Illinois for having been the Founder of Chicago. via kreyol.com

Elijah McCoy


“The Real McCoy”

As an oilman, Elijah was responsible for ensuring that the train was well lubricated. After a few miles, the train would be forced to stop and he would have to walk alongside the train applying oil to the axles and bearings. In an effort to improve efficiency and eliminate the frequent stopping necessary for lubrication of the train, McCoy set out to create a method of automating the task. In 1872 he developed a “lubricating cup” that could automatically drip oil when and were needed. He received a patent for the device later that year. The “lubricating cup” met with enormous success and orders for it came in from railroad companies all over the country. Other inventors attempted to sell their own versions of the device but most companies wanted the authentic device, requesting “the Real McCoy.”

Queen Nzingha


Queen Nzingha, also known as Ann Nzingha, was overlord of portions of both Angola and Zaire.  She has been called the “greatest military strategist that ever confronted the armed forces of Portugal.” Nzingha’s military campaigns kept the Portuguese in Africa at bay for more than four decades.  Her objective was nothing less than the complete and total destruction of the African slave trade.  Nzingha sent ambassadors throughout West and Central Africa with the intent of enlisting a huge coalition of African armies to eject the Portuguese. Queen Nzingha died fighting for her people in 1663 at the ripe old age of eighty-one.  Africa has known no greater patriot.

The Ladies ALWAYS go Hard…Love It!!!

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