Stand Up Dad!!!

So nevermind the FACT that Michael Jackson himself has said his father was abusive to him and the moment his pops walked into room Mike proceeded to throw up. Nevermind the Fact that Mike’s brothers and sisters backed him up on these abuse claims that they also had to deal with.

With all that being said the Mensural Show hosted by the Rev. Al Sharpton decided to “Honor” Joe Jackson


The Rev. Al Sharpton believes the world needs more fathers like Joe Jackson – a man the King of Pop said routinely beat him and his siblings when they were children.

The civil rights leader heaped praise on the dad’s parenting skills at the National Action Network in Harlem Saturday.

“The arrogance of [people] attacking a man for being a stern father,” Sharpton said. “I wish we had more stern fathers – then we wouldn’t be shooting each other up.”

Jackson said he was honored to be recognized by Sharpton.

“This feels great,” he said. “I feel like I’m someone very special.”

via NYDailyNews

Well there you have it if Al Sharpton fells that Joe just sternly disciplined his kids then that is what all parents need to do, beat your child into submission and they will learn to play instruments and stay out of trouble. Not to mention make YOU a whole lot of Money.

Being that Michael Loved the attention his father gave him on a daily, Mike showed the Love back By Leaving Joe out of his Will….POW!!!

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