Today in Swine Flu Newz…

So I Have a few stories for you. Being that Swine Flu is now a pandemic these stories make you realize why it’s not a good idea to get the public all shook up about something that has been around for 30 years, with these over blown stories of death and euthanasia if you don’t get the shot.

Mom Charged with Stealing Swine Flu Vaccine

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) — The Cabell County Sheriff’s Office says a Huntington woman has been arrested for stealing a vial of swine flu vaccine during a vaccination clinic on Thursday.

They say the theft happened at the Health Department’s clinic at the New Baptist Church

Deputies arrested 25-year-old Elizabeth Wilson of Huntington.

Chief Deputy Doug Ferguson, who was at the clinic, tells that the vial of the swine flu vaccine was found in Wilson’s purse.

Ferguson, says he confronted Wilson after a health department employee told him that Wilson was trying to steal several syringes.

Ferguson says Wilson was at the clinic to get her three children vaccinated.

He says Wilson told him she took the vaccine because it wasn’t available for her age group at Thursday’s clinic.

Wilson is charged with petit larceny. She is currently in the Western Regional Jail.

Ferguson says the children are now in the care of Wilson’s mom who was with her daughter at the clinic.

Long Lines for Swine Flu Shots is this what we have to look forward to when the Government Runs Health Care…


Then at some point they will MAKE us get the shot…NOT ME!!!!

Oh and FYI they DO put Some of the FLU or Swine Flu in the shot that is how your body builds up the antibodies to fight this so-called flu. There is a 1 in a Million side effect lol

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