Lyrical Cyper Means???


Look I know Nicki Minaj has a lot of females that want to join her “Barbie” military and all but talent is talent and her pre- written rhymes is not hip hop. I can care less about her animated delivery and looks. Can the REAL female Rapper Stand Up….PLEASE!!!!

This is a CYPHER….Loves It!!!

This is A MESS…Fuck otta Here!!! (Joe Budden Killed it though)

2 thoughts on “Lyrical Cyper Means???

  1. What ever happened to female empowerment? Sexuality is but a small part of womanhood but as cute as Ms. Minaj is she got to come better than that. The rap industry is a male driven business and as the lone female that’s somewhat mainstream she has to be able to write her own lyrics. It can’t all be about pussy and ass all the darn time.

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