*Quick Nutz*

Well Jermaine we already lost the eccentric one so what the hell is this. You do realize that this is Hollywood now Bollywood.


Looking real vampy J.Lo…Wait..Lola


Vivica spare me and stop sucking in you to old for that


So I guess this is the “Elite” that Sheree for HOATL is always talking about..*giggle*


Tarij is going to an awards show but somebody over did the makeup


The Tranny look is all the Rage these days…smh


Well clearly Rihanna is a good girl gone meth addict . I’m so over the dark, death looking shit. We ALL know you not Tuff cuz you got the Chris Brown Ground and Pound put on you. So Sweetie you better get happy or something… Cuz this shit is for the birds!!


My very creditable  source in New York City just gave me some shocking information that the Queen of Yaki aka Beyonce is allegedly on drugs and has a rotten womb so take her off of baby bump watch stay tuned!!!

UP DATE:::: :::: My source just informed me that Mrs. Knowles is actually 38 and my source has proof STAY TUNED!!!




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