Beanie Grow the Fuck UP!

So Philly rapper Beanie Sigel (35 yrs Old)  is going in on Jay-Z (42 yrs old). Now I put up their ages because everybody likes to remind Jay-Z that he old and shit but we fail to realize that ALL these rappers are old and shit. This beef right here is some ole Hatin ass garbage. He wants to speak on something that happen what 4 years ago maybe more…Here’s the Newz


“Average Cat” wasn’t particularly a Jay-z diss or a hate record. It was a real record that derived from his emotions. “I understand Jay, you are somewhere else in your career. Like I said in the record, everyone can’t go and I understand that. He don’t need Beanie Sigel in the building with this crazy pre-perception people got of me. “This dude liable to do anything”. He’s dealing with Jewish people and the Jews…. So we taint his image, The State Property, in a place where he’s at.” He also said in the interview that when he was in jail, he went to a hearing and the judge asked Jay-z “If we release Beanie Sigel today and he goes on tour with a man of your stature, are you willing to be responsible for his whereabouts” and Jay-z said “No”. Beanie was then cuffed and put back in jail. Beanie said that was the real fallout for him and that hurt him the most..

See this Nigga Beans is Madd Because Jay-Z don’t want to be responsible for his Bullshit and I don’t blame him. Beanie claims he a GROWN MAN  but what grown man gets madd another man for not co-signing your Bullshit…Com’On Son! You said the line in your Movie ” This is Business NEVER Personal” YOU should have live by that Dummy!

Beans wouldn’t elaborate further on what he meant by the “Beyonce” line and basically said he wasn’t going there.  “When you love a person, it just don’t go away anymore. I’m just bringing closure to the situation that I have on my chest. That I can’t talk to my Big Homie that told me he had me no matter what”. He also said he can’t get Jay on the phone and he feels that Jay doesn’t owe him anything but a conversation.

What does Beyonce have to do with anything. So Beanie saying that Jay-z was somewhere getting in with other niggas. Really???? You suppose to be a Man but yet you alluding to the fact that you were in the SAME room while your man doing some questionable acts to another person. What does that say about YOUR gay AZZ.If you madd and trying to Air a nigga out do it cut the bullshit WE all know you want some shine but nobody checking for your wack azz….Fuck otta here!

Beanie Sigel’s Dear John Letter:

I think I held my tongue long enough about this whole Rocafella situation. I was the realest thing that happened to the Roc. The Roc was just a rock. I brought the fellas to Rocafella Records, Hot 97, State Property. Ya’ll remember. I brought the street cred to that. That thing X’d in stone. I fought all those battles. ME that’s who! Jadakiss, Nas, Dipset…Anybody you would have told me to go after. Matter of fact, you ain’t have to tell me. I frontlined for that Roc. For that diamond that people were throwing up. I’d have taken a bullet for Roc that day, n*gga. This isn’t about a dollar, this isn’t about me hating on you cuz or anything because I’ve never asked you for a dollar.  When I came home from jail, doing my year and a day, when you ain’t come one day to come see me. NOT ONE PICTURE or letter. I went to the office and asked you, “let me off of Rocafella because somebody (no name no blame) (<–G Unit) wanted me and wanted to give me some real money”. You bounced that tennis ball around in your office for an hour and went back and forth with me and told me you ain’t want to let me go.  You even asked me if I wanted some money and I told you “I don’t want your money” but you were in a position to let me get my own money and you couldn’t do that. But Sigel so real..and you’ll never go to jail again because you knew I was the shooter. If my life was a movie, Sigel would be the Sequel. It’s etched in stone my gangsta has never been on trial. But like Tupac said “I ain’t mad at you”. I understand, everybodycan’t go and you already on…

Don’t get it f*cked up, this ain’t the greenlight for everyone to make a diss Jay-Z record. I still got love for the n*gga.  This is me taking my brother in the yard for 5 minutes. Cause I got a knot in my chest that needs to get unloosened. When you got love for a Muthaf*cka it don’t go away that easy.  Many people gonna walk in and out your life but only real friends leave footprints on your heart dog. But I think yours is fading in the sand. If me and you never talk again dog and I got to holla at you via mc on this mic, “What up”. How do you say, “Scream at Me.” The richest man ain’t the one with his first dollar dog, its the one who still got his first friend. Rocafella for life!  It’s the Roc

You know what BRAVO Jay-Z you dropped this dead weight right on time. These niggas need to understand This is a Business. Your label or whoever you signed to is NOT your FAMILY not a GANG or the MAFIA. You need to realize the whole point of rapping is to get out the hood and tell your story, NOT keep doing the same shit and think somebody suppose to co- sign for you.

Beanie if you lonely Go play wit your Kids, get a girlfriend, Start a camp for at risk boys…SOMETHING!!!! What happen to all your people from State Property, What happen to your clothing line, the money, the fast life you use to rap about in the 90’s Nigga you fucked that up going to jail and acting wild not Jay….GROW THE FUCK UP!!!!

I hope this shit don’t turn in to some ole Biggie and Tupac mess because WE don’t need that right now. Some niggas need to realize when they LOST and take the L like a Man…

One thought on “Beanie Grow the Fuck UP!

  1. Why should Jay-Z be responsible for another adult’s actions? What did Beanie expect, for Jay to take care of his big ole sloppy behind for the rest of his life? Heck NO! Jay was right to say no. Why can’t Beans be responsible for his own actions? That’s the problem with some of these Black men they always want somebody to cater to them instead of holding their own selves accountable for their actions. Man, I’m so tired of them. That’s why the Yankees gonna wop on the Phillies something terrible.Philadelphia sucks! BX NYC for life bitches!!!

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