Jigga Live….I Lived!!!

Well I didn’t bring a camera, I had my Blackberry but the Pics look crazy. Anyway I went to Jay – Z concert on Wednesday night and I can’t express how much fun I had. Jay didn’t need no background dancers he didn’t even need Memphis Bleek…lol Just Jigga doing him and talking to us every now and then was enough…Too much for some…lady behind me was going BANANAS…lol


Jay-Z had us doing palates and a full aerobics routine. He had so much control over a crowd of a couple thousand people that if he said Punch the person standing closes to you in the face it STILL would have been all good, I would have a black eye right Now…lol

Here is an Intermission pic…N.E.R.D. is a Rock band and I couldn’t really get into them but thay sounded great. Wale has a hard time getting the crowd attention, he was very vocal about it too..lol


I can go on and on but I will say this if you have an artist that you admire then I suggest you see them live it just reminds you why you chose to follow that person in the first place.

Here he is in New York City at the Yankees Game. Jigga let us know at the concert that he cancelled on Game 1 to come to Columbus and give us a show. He said he was glad he came he didn’t know Ohio had love for him like that. And the Crowd went WILD!

It was 1997 all over again for  me..lol Thank You Jigga. I had a good time!!!

I could have done without the Echo. Alicia Keys looks EXTREMELY STANK It’s sounded better during the concert. I see New Yorkers are STILL hard to Please…lol


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