Why Is it that no one questions Snoop Doggy Dog’ s Age and Boring Career, Like they Do Jay- Z all the Damm Time…. Snoop Sit the Fuck Down SomeWhere! Snoop Dogg –  39 Years Old “I’m almost 20 years What the fuck you Rappin Bout??”>> Whta the fuck YOU rappin Bout Snoop, the same shit these kids are…LOL The Beat is Good Though…. Continue reading Question????

What If They Were????

Reality Televison has gone to new Heights. When you are so fame hungry that you would plan and succeed to crash one of the biggest parties in the nation you know this thing called reality has been altered. Real Housewives of D.C. is the show that was going to use this footage of one of the housewives going to the White House for a party. Well … Continue reading What If They Were????

*Quick NutZ*

Sign Of The Times when a NOBODY that DATES a SOMEBODY (I say that loosely) Becomes a “Star” and Commands between 10 – 30 thousand Dollars for Club appearances. All Hoes and HoodRats have their version of Obama to Look up to… YES U CAN!!!!  One D.J.’s Thought about This Mess: “3 promoters in Atlanta paid an ex-stripper who now dates a extra sensitive rapper to … Continue reading *Quick NutZ*

Too Much….Beans?

So now Beanie Wants to Kill Jigga Man… He sounds so stupid saying “Boi”. Jigga dosen’t  have to answer to this fool and I don’t blame him…How Weak Beans “You Think You Cool Cause You Running With Them Jews?” Beans you do realize that Jews buy albums and that is something you want Right??? So you might not want to burn bridges with the Jews…lol   Continue reading Too Much….Beans?