Baby and Wii???

Now I don’t Know about This One Wii.


Here’s The Newz

The Wiimote has been strapped to some unusual items in the name of wacky gameplay but this latest concept takes the Wii weirdness to a new level.

The new “Baby and Me” game from 505 Games comes complete with a doll that – once hooked up with the Wiimote – becomes an interactive baby doll toy for little girls – or boys.

The game encompasses ten activities such as feed the baby or teaching it to walk and is aimed at those three-years-old and up.

The doll will appear to be giggling, gurgling or crying through the Wii remote speaker and there’s even Balance Board support to rock the baby to sleep.

Presumably unlike iPhone games in recent memory, shaking the baby will not be a suggested activity.

Kids these Days have TOO much going on. NO! this is not a good Idea and all those out there please excercise proper Judgement when getting toys for your kids. You never know what seed you might plant in their little brains…lol Oh, and don’t or at least try not to give this to a son or nephew , grandson, godson, play boy cousin….You Get the Picture…lol


One thought on “Baby and Wii???

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