The Return Of BLACK-FACE???

Since this was okay and he got an Oscar Nod for it the ball started rolling Over Blacks again


I’m Seeing a pattern here and I don’t like it… You know anything that would be deemed racially insensitive should be off-limits. ALL RACES not just us Blacks. White people who dress up as other races is suspect simply because of the history people of color have with white people.  When I hear ” I didn’t know” or “It’s for fun” it bothers me, then you educated  someone on they reasons why it’s not cool you see it time and time again and they keep doing it. Well guess what you racist and you like to make fun of people of color point-blank PERIOD!!!

Makes You wonder is tis How they REALLY see us???

 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Whitney Isleib You famous Girl…


Her Friends are in Brown – Face since they dressed like mexicans…Right?


So black face is coming back in style. I didn’t know so is it safe to do the white – face thing ?? Do Black girls really look and act like that Whitney. I think ole boy suppose to be T-Pain?? 

A Long Island student who dressed like Aunt Jemima for Halloween was sent home from school when he refused to wipe off his blackface make-up.

Really? Aunt Jemima is History that is also pop culture but he does know that Aunt Jemima is a slave right??? And so is Uncle Ben…

Last year Immigration and Customs Enforcement Chief Julie Myers drew criticism when at her agency’s Halloween party she awarded “most original costume” to a HSD employee who was attired in dreadlocks, prison stripes – and blackface.  Myers glibly claimed she didn’t know that the employee was wearing dark makeup and ordered the photos destroyed. 


Student from Penn State got exposed when her tried to run for Student Government. He said he was a “shadow” but the caption under the pic he posted on his blog said other wise..FAIL!


“myself, [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] all donned the black face paint to become the black man group, as a tribute to the lost blue man group idea. individually, we were our own entities: i was a shadow/rick james, bitch, [redacted] was Malcolm x, [redacted] was nat turner, and [redacted] was rosa parks. nice.”

Now I chuckled a little I’m not gonna lie. The kid is Deaf not Blind and his/her parents took their time making this shit…


When I googled black – face a lot of College parties came up. What is that saying about what these kids are learning in college in school period?


You Know what’s offensive to us in the U.S. is supposedly harmless fun in other countries. We already saw the Black- face in Australia, Now here is a little blackface folk lord in the Netherlands

Zwarte Piet a/k/a Black Pete


Zwarte Piet a/k/a Black Pete is the Black dude that used to roll thick with this old cat named Sinter Klaas and during Festivus would be kidnapping all the bad boys and bad girls and selling them off as chattel […]

 This fairytale is partly how the Dutch maintained their hegemony on supremacy by packaging racism and terrorism to little children. Imagine how some of these same Dutch kids feel the first time they see a real live Black person?

Can you blame these Dutch niggas for trying to kill Blacks when they get older? Who the hell wants to be stuffed in a duffel bag on some Brothers Grimm shit and cooked and eaten?

 The Black boogeyman is supremacy’s perpetual form of terrorism and when you burn this image into a child’s brain it will remain with them forever.

They take this Black Pete thing seriously…I see




Funny the Dutch invented slavery but yet didn’t know this would be offensive to  Blacks…Right???

It’s not just blacks You can Wear black “black -face to be Latino and Native American. Africans have touched every part of the globe so you should be offended to because 9 times out of 10 when blacks are being made fun of So are You!

Illegal Alien costume complete with Mustache…What ethinicy is this suppose to be let me guess…Latino?


Sexy Illegal Allen…The hat gives it Away




Native American


 You get the picture Not So funny when it’s about you huh??? I’ll leave it here all I’m saying is Halloween is a Pagan holiday already, I guess that’s why the devil exposes himself being that we celebrate it, so when you go out dressed up next year to look for treats. Think mystical like witches or fantasy like fairies, Word to the Wise  if you come out looking  like one of the above you might get a Trick you can’t come back from….


7 thoughts on “The Return Of BLACK-FACE???

  1. Thanks for the info on the Dutch, who knew that’s how they got down. First off I don’t think anything is funny or creative about a walking minstrel show. It is so hurtful and such a shameful part of our history. The argument that its just for Halloween and should not be taking seriously is a load of crap. It’s so offensive I can’t even bring to words how I feel right now.If anyone dressed up as a Jewish person there would be hell to pay. But no, when it comes to Black folks its a free for all.

  2. My friend, you seem to have some history confused.
    Zwarte Piet has been around long before the creation of the Dutch merchant slavery.
    And Zwarte Piet was a helper of Saint Nicholas, delivering toys to the children. He was the one who originally went down the chimney, hence, his “black face”
    The one who kidnapped was the Krumpus.

    Oh, and I believe it is all in fun now days.
    Dave Chappelle, and the God awful movie “white chicks” I think proves that this humor can go both ways.

  3. I am a dutch native, and you all, its my guess, are not. I invite you to experience occasion like these alike in Holland, it is part of our nature that we mock anything.
    It is also one of the reasons Amsterdam in particular, my hometow, and Holland in general are thoughout history very tolerant. All of the world could learn a thing or two from that.
    One example that probably all of you know; it is legal to grow and use cannabis here (up to a producton limit per person).
    This is the world we live in, if you look for a place anywone can do almost anything it is here. Of course within the limits of the law.
    As for Zwarte Piet and Sinterklaas, it is a harmless fairy tale which has his roots several hundreds of years back. You cannot blame tradition for being there, especially after recent (American) historic events, set aside the way they developed in early stages.
    One more example? We have the Gay Pride here, I can tell you i have seen things you would not believe, all in clear daylight in the centre of town. All but examples.
    It is my opinion you all should learn to leave eachoter alone and let things be. Again, come over here and experience these folklore first hand.
    One more thing, I challange anyone to point out a more relaxed country and city, or a place where anyone can be themselves, it is obviousely the “climate’ in Holland that allows for festivities like these. Ill be hearing from you?


    Oh, by the way, I am a Jew, and some of my friends are Muslim, Bhuddist and Chirstians, but, far more, like a lot in Holland are Atheists.

  4. Wow, some people are so touchy! i am native american, I don’t go running around crying that everyone dresses as Pocahontas for halloween. Start looking at it as pride, do you know what a white person goes through to fit in with black people, they are bullied on the regular basis! Don’t let a white person move into a predominately black neighborhood, the poor kid would be bullied to the point of being afraid to come outside, but as soon as that white kids starts changing his fashion, listening to rap music he all of a sudden becomes accepted. because of slavery, black people have been raised to be on their p’s and q’s. IT IS BECAUSE OF HOW YOU WERE RAISED!!! that you are so touchy. When I see someone in a Native American costume I feel pride and joy. I know, they want to be like me, why else dress like my heritage on Halloween. I grew up in the projects, very low income housing and was beaten and bullied on the regular basis by the black people in the neighborhood. I feared for my life when going to school. It wasn’t until I started braiding my hair, wearing huge hoop earrings and having the latest kicks, that they left me alone. I don’t understand why, that’s just how some people are RASIED! I say look at your mom, ask her why she’s so angry and why she raised you that way….then you’ll find your answer.

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