The People Have Spoken

So Gay Marriage has been struck down in Maine and 30 other states. So Now what??? Is there no compromise that gay couples and the government can come up with. I mean the measure was put on the ballet and the PEOPLE or SOMEBODY have spoken.


Mainers’ 53-47 vote to reject gay marriage does more than simply slap down a law that just six months ago had made Maine the U.S.’s second state to permit same-sex couples to wed. With voters thronging to the polls, the closely watched — and ultimately not very close — vote extended the winning streak of gay-marriage opponents nationwide, who have now prevailed in more than 30 straight state elections over whether to allow gays to marry. Just like Californians one year ago, Maine voters insisted on having their say on an issue that simply will not go away.

That decision has been cited in numerous cases that have followed, as the number of states whose courts have demanded equal marriage rights for gays has grown. But those same cases have also helped fuel opponents, who say gay marriage is being foisted upon the U.S. by out-of-touch judges. In order to counter that argument, Bonauto and other gay-marriage activists in Maine who began organizing to press for gay marriage there decided to avoid taking the issue to court. Instead, they set about electing lawmakers who were friendly to their cause two years ago, and this year successfully convinced the legislature to become the nation’s first to establish gay marriage by statute, rather than by decree. “Frankly, we had heard the criticisms about going the court route, and so we said, ‘Fine, we’ll go to the legislature,’ ” says Bonauto. “And it has been an incredible campaign.”

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So what Are Your Views on Gay Marriage??? Do You feel like gay values are being forced on you??? I can careless, This is a decision that these people have to deal with not me, I think the government has other things to worry about..seriously! 

One thought on “The People Have Spoken

  1. People need to learn how to mind they business. I don’t think the gay community is forcing anything down our throats *interesting choice of words* their just letting us know that their hurting and desire love just like everybody else. The gov’t always wanna get involved in shit that don’t concern them. They might as well let them get married and find a way to tax the hell outta them like the do everybody else

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