I can Careless At this Point…


Wow This is some Entertaining stuff…lol You know this assault happen last Feburary…Right? People have been asking this Bish to speak on the situation and become a spokeswoman for domestic abuse. You know what Rihanna decided to do she decided to walk around, party, walk around some more, become a fashion “Icon” in the process but never Once did she mention the Beatdown heard around the world. Is she using this fight as a way to sell some shit if so that is really LOW…

Now….There is money to be made and Albums that need to be sold. She is just now realizing that she is a role model and she wants to help little girls. Look age has nothing to do with getting your ass handed to you Help ALL women older folks make mistakes to. People keep talking about how young they are ya’ll pay taxes and live and travel alone. You two dummies are GROWN and have to Live with the consequences of the things you do Like other GROWN folk…CUT THE BULLSHIT!


Look what we have here. So Chris is going to give an interview about the fight the same day as Rihanna??? He also pushed his album up to December 8th. Two weeks after Rihanna’s Rated R Drops. You know what FUCK THEM BOTH

Check it:http://newsroom.mtv.com/2009/11/04/chris-brown-rihanna-interview/

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