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It always takes someone famous to do something stupid, that is when we the public can then get at the issues that affect us everyday i.e. domestic violence, durg abuse etc. Take time and read this article. It’s nothing new to me beacuse me and Sammy Sosa are damm near the same complection. I Love my Blackness as I’ve gotten older but it wasn’t always that way and I can admit that. Being that he wants to be “light and white” says alot about what’s REALLY going on….ROLL WIT ME!!!


Sammy Sosa’s new skin reflects an ugly mentality

Many have been shocked to see recent photos of retired major league baseball player Sammy Sosa. Not only is he wearing green contact lenses, but his skin tone is considerably lighter than usual, something which he claims is the result of a skin “rejuvenation” process, some reports say. The once dark-complexioned, undeniably African-looking Sosa now looks more like Ricky Ricardo from “I Love Lucy”. As the late Nigerian activist and musician Fela Kuti would have said, it appears that Sosa is guilty of having a “colonial mentality.”

Throughout the African diaspora, black people internalized the racism they experienced under slavery and colonial rule. Bad habits are hard to break, and there is still self-hatred among black people today. With years of conditioning, societies were made to believe that blackness was bad, and anything associated with blackness was inferior and undesirable.

This problem is also prevalent in Latin America. For example, Brazil has the largest black population outside of the African continent at 90 million, which amounts to roughly half of its people. Yet, despite their conspicuous presence in society, black Brazilians face discrimination, poverty, and lower education and health standards than whites. According to a “racial atlas” created by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the Federal University of Minas Gerais, 65 percent of the poor and 70 percent of the extremely poor in Brazil are of African descent.

In the Dominican Republic, Sosa’s country of origin, people are overwhelmingly black: 90 percent have African ancestry. Yet only 11 percent identify themselves as black. And as UN experts found, there is “a profound and entrenched problem of racism and discrimination against such groups as Haitians, Dominicans of Haitian descent, and more generally against blacks within Dominican society.”

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