Chad Johnson got $20,000 taken out of his pocket for appearing to bribe a Ref. He’ll know better next time and YES there will be a next time


Who the Hell Gonna Wear these for $170. I’ll stick to my Retros. Confused dosen’t Dwayne Wade work for Converse???


Look Out for them in 2010


Since we on Brotha Jordan, here is a little History. The “Flu Game”


Jordan Brand made a few changes, feature Black  suede and red leather The new Black/Red Air Jordan 12 makeover pays tribute to Michael Jordan’s legendary “Flu Game” he had flu like symptoms which ended up being a stomach bug but my dude STILL played. MJ scored 38 points in the 1997 NBA Finals (Game 5) Utah Jazz vs Chicago Bulls. This is just one of the reasons why MJ is the greatest player to ever play the game of basketball.

As of right now the “Flu Game” Air Jordan 12 Black/Red is slated to release in November. We would also like to mention that the 12’s will come with a new feature which is symbolic of MJ’s sickness. The ticket price will be $150.

Role Model’s Tit is Exposed AGAIN..She had to know this before she put the dress on…smh


Why is this Happening??? ConFusion!


Now WE ALL can be confused today…lol

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