Pebblez, L.A. Reed Please…


Come get your damm Fat Ass Son… You remember him from that Super Sixteen show. Well he done went and pissed off some chick…lol


 “I want to stay anonymous, but i met Aaron Reid recently in Miami. I know you may have some sort of connect on him, but anywayyzz…… He was cocky as hell, but i still agreed to have sex with him. After 10 minutes he was out
and left me disappointed!!!!!!! So PLEASE put this asshole on BLASST!!!!
Attached is a pic of his LITTLE wee wee hanging out his PJ’s!!!!

Ms. Anonymous”

Bwah hahahhah. You don’t even need to see his shit because its maaaddd small. Then I have to question the said Jump off that let this boy put his STOMACH on her Back…What’s Wrong wit you Bitch????

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