*Sights and Sounds*

Well This is what made all the Tongues wag, Dicks hard and in some cases the Pussies wet.

This video just reminds me why I listen to Old ass music all the time. The video is like a 12 yr old whore living out her fast – ass fantasies. Oh and nest to Lady Ga Ga who looks a mess, Beyoncé looks like the Rock Of Gibraltar.

Also what was funny. Beyoncé was her ACTUAL skin tone next to Lady GaGa after their scenes she back to Sammy Sosa – ing it Up…lol

That is All…

Now we have Alicia Keyes acting Like HANCOCK…Why does she try to be sexy stomping like she killing roaches. Bish we know you play the piano so step away from that shit form time to time…

This is the most Black Girlz I have EVER seen in a Video. Why is little Wayne..ewww. Too bad the song suck. Shakira you are not being yourself. Something is off???

Eating Chicken and Fries outside of Popeye’s, Holla at Cha Uncle!!!


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