What R U going to do with that DiSet tat Now????

Cam’ron is over DipSet and So am I. Good Jim Jones and them turned that shit into a gang anyway, Besides DipSet IS Cam’ron and it’s just not the same since he Left…

Speaking with Maybach TV, Killa spoke on the situation with the set and how people have had misconceptions about his place in the group.

“When I shake somebody’s hand, this is what you see [Diplomats tattoo].  The only thing that bothers me is when niggas be like, ‘Oh, so you can be down with Dipset?  They gon put you back down?  How can you put somebody back down with something that they own?”

Aligned with Harlem rapper Vado, Byrd Lady, Felony Fame and Rod Rhaspy, Cam has continued to moved on with the new group, reportedly called The U.N.  His split from Jones and Santana also allowed the rapper to branch out and create Killa Entertainment.

Teaming up with DJ Drama, he recently released the mixtape, Boss Of All Bosses which features his new acts.

Cam recently appeared alongside the Clipse for the music video to “Popular Demand” off the upcoming album Til the Casket Drops which is slated for December 8. 

One question that comes up is where is the rapper’s relationship with in terms of Damon Dash?  With Dash on the verge of releasing a new compilation album, there has been word of him working with the likes of Jones, Mos Def and even Raekwon, but there hasn’t even been a stir or any reference to the two in some time.

Maybe everything wasn’t meant to last forever.  A brief moment of silence to lay the movement down for the final time. viahiphopwired…

Last One For the Suckas in Harlem…It’s Over.. Love Cam lol

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