*Quick NutZ*

Sign Of The Times when a NOBODY that DATES a SOMEBODY (I say that loosely) Becomes a “Star” and Commands between 10 – 30 thousand Dollars for Club appearances. All Hoes and HoodRats have their version of Obama to Look up to… YES U CAN!!!! 

One D.J.’s Thought about This Mess:

“3 promoters in Atlanta paid an ex-stripper who now dates a extra sensitive rapper to host a party. And you dummies paid extra money to party with her,stupid! We make strippers more important than teachers in our society. This girl was unknown to us and now shes a paid celeb. I can understand athletes and rappers, but a stripper who dates a rapper…and y’all wonder” why the club scene in Atlanta is wack nowadays. We idolize the wrong sh*t. I know some are gonna think I’m wack but come on…they paid a stripper who didn’t strip.

Tiger Woods MIGHT have gotten his ass handed to him by The wife Elin. You know it kills me that he is being so hush, hush, it’s OKAY Tiger you are a Man and Men can be low life pussy chasers. This behavior is celebrated in Hollywood so you have nothing to be ashamed of…Now, Give up The Scoop!!

Young Way Ward Girls have taken to this Cartoon that is Nicki Minaj in all her Barbie, Valley Girl rip off glory. Do these children realize that all the shit they idolize has been done ALREADY….

This Go to show that Going Bad and Acting hard doesn’t translate into Album sales…WOMP WOMP!  Talking about playing in your Tuna Can doesn’t help either:

“I don’t miss sex because I still have fun by myself. You get what I mean?”

Rated R  is expected to come in at #4 on the Billboard charts this coming week, being beat out by Susan Boyle, Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga. Then Chris Brown is doing A TELL ALL interview. Can you Say Two – Piece…HAHAHA

You know I Know Suri Cruise is a Child But in those heels she looks like a pedophiles sweet dream….

Back to Bizness Folks…. Hope You had a Wonderful ThanksGiving!!!!!!!

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