What If They Were????

Reality Televison has gone to new Heights. When you are so fame hungry that you would plan and succeed to crash one of the biggest parties in the nation you know this thing called reality has been altered.

Real Housewives of D.C. is the show that was going to use this footage of one of the housewives going to the White House for a party. Well the problem is that there is nothing REAL about their parting with the Prez of The U.S.

The one thing that is real is the flaws that were exposed by letting these people who had no invite or anything to come within in inches of the Prez and Vice Prez.

I’m not going to go on and on the media will do that but Think about this. While these people were having the time of their lives Imagine if they were the terrorist we all have to hear about day in and day out. It would have been an easy 1, 2 punch. Can you say Power Vacuum?

A power vacuum is an expression for a political situation that can occur when a government has no identifiable central authority. The metaphor implies that, like a physical vacuum, other forces will tend to “rush in” to fill the vacuum as soon as it is created, perhaps in the form of an armed militia or insurgents, military coup, warlord or dictator.

The first Lady would have been taken down mos def. Not to mention the First daughters are sleep in one of those rooms.

Says a lot about the CIA, FBI, Secret Service whoever is suppose to PROTECT AND SERVE…Womp! Is anything going to happen to this couple. NO but when it comes to President’s safety you better believe that a Change is gonna come in that respect…..That is All

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