*Quick Nutz*

Amerie is a Trooper. Who keeps letting her put shit out this is Horriable..lol I like “Why R U” Mary Didn’t beat Her hubby ass… Not that she isn’t capable of it  I don’t see nothing..lol Somebody dipped “Barbie Bitch” in some grease This Chile is gonna be Bald before she 7 I bet she has a Black Man…lol She is very comfortable yelling out … Continue reading *Quick Nutz*

*New Movies*

So we have New movies to look Forward to in 2010…Let’s have a look shall we??? Repo Men Sex and The City 2 (Why, What is this even about) Brittany Murphy’s Last role Deadline The Back-Up Plan (same old shit Jen?) Valentine’s Day Inception (Love Leo) Shutter Island (Looks Good) The Wolfman (I want to see This) The Last AirBender (Controversy about this ASIAN cartoon being … Continue reading *New Movies*

Top 10 Fucked Up Trends Of 2009

I’ve notice alot of things that use to be taboo are now all the rage. I hope people wake up and step away from the fuckery…I doubt it though 10. Lace Front Weaves If you can’t get a quality one then Please don’t 9. Light Skin vs Dark Skin It’s an old convo and Will it ever end??? 8. Skinny Jeans for Men and Babies … Continue reading Top 10 Fucked Up Trends Of 2009

Top 10 Of 2009…

Here is my list of the Top 10 events and happenings that have left me and maybe you baffled this lovely 2009…I cant believe it’s been 10 Years already…lol 10. Rhianna     I can say this Rihanna has become a huge star and a blog mainstay. She was big when she won a Grammy for “Umbrella” but she shot to the moon that fateful night … Continue reading Top 10 Of 2009…

Happy Holidays!!!(P.C.)

Merry Christmas folks…. I say that Because I believe in a higher being. Anyway I know post have been slow. I have started a new shift and it’s busting my ass. I’ll be hitting you with new and thought-provoking ish…ASAP. I just needed to find my bearings. No Cute Pic today I’m doing this quick nut on the office computer..lol So keep up the support I … Continue reading Happy Holidays!!!(P.C.)

*Quick Nutz*

Mariah Carey you Pink! you Pig bitch. Now that you sound like shit you want to be “black” well I don’t want cha…How long did it take her to say she’s black 20 yrs??? I am shocked that the audience was mad hype when she told George Lopez that he had some African blood in him, I heard that most Latinos don’t like to be reminded … Continue reading *Quick Nutz*

Celly = Cancer???

Cell phones will now come with a warning…well in Maine for Now anyway… A Maine legislator wants to make the state the first to require cell phones to carry warnings that they can cause brain cancer, although there is no consensus among scientists that they do and industry leaders dispute the claim. The now-ubiquitous devices carry such warnings in some countries, though no U.S. states … Continue reading Celly = Cancer???