U Not Surprised R U???

I called it a while back. Pres. Obama will be sending more young men and women into harm’s way for about 300 so-called terror insurgents…No Really!

Being the Person that Pres. Obama is, He just went right along with the same tired ass program… Say 9/11 , tell us we’ll be attacked, remind us that we are broke, then smile in our face and continue to fuck the American people in the ass. If you gave a damm about what the Public thinks you would end these WARS, don’t forget about Iraq people, and bring the troops and OUR money HOME…but he’s not so oh well

Oh And How do we PAY for this…I keep hearing WAR TAX…yep another TAX!!!!!!!!!!!!! So a corrupt Afghan Government, no international support, we paying for it ALL AGAIN….I could go On and On.


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