Chester Chester….

Marcus Cooper aka Pleasure P is a Child Molester

Email sent to Blogger Necole Bitchie:

I know you heard a lot about the whole “Pretty Rickey/Pleasure P” child molestation drama. Well I am VERY close to the situation and BOTH parties and I want you to understand that it is ALL true. Not speculation or anything. He was convicted. The problem lies in Blue Star Entertainment, the label that housed and groomed Pretty Ricky. They paid a substantial amount of money to have these documents sealed back in 2006. The label wanted to keep the aura of Pleasure in the group and figured since he was signed basically for life that they would recoup the cost. Well, this was not the case as the other members of Pretty Ricky started separating themselves from Marcus “Pleasure P” Cooper as time went on. This eventually lead to them riding in separate cars to shows, arguing amongst themselves to them even jumping him (Pleasure P) at one point. This lead to him leaving the group but he is still very much contracted to Blue Stars Entertainment for 5 albums.

Here’s what happened: When he was 16 going on 17, he was left alone with his niece and nephew with whom he touched and penetrated with fingers on several occasions. His aunt noticed his niece complaining of her genital area hurting, when asked what happened she replied “Uncle Marcus keeps touching me and he hurt me”. Of course Marcus (Pleasure P) denied the allegations but the doctor found signs that she had vaginal damage and tearing. Charges were then pursued by the State of Florida.

More Comfirmation from Photograher/Blogger Freddy O

I was lost for words on this whole situation, until I spoke with someone who I cannot name, that is very very very close to Pleasure P, they told me: “Yes all this Sh-t is true, not only that but one of the peps he touched was his on fam …. NEPHEW….. thats not right” He then said: “I knew all this would come out in time, their is so much yall dont know but all these allegations are completely true.”

The person also told me that Pretty Ricky has never really spoke about why Pleasure left the group…

Spectacular also confirmed that P was a Molestor…

Well I’ll Be Dammed…Nah Pleasure P be Dammed!!!!

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