*Quick Nutz*

This is Why Rated R flopped…No depth just tits and ass. Rihanna you do realize that you had a female audience and sometimes it’s just too much but money is money and GQ was calling

Robin Thick you singing the right song to the right folks…OVER – SEXED HOT IN THE ASS BLACK TEENS yeah I said it!! The song is dumb and what in the world is this Nicki Minaj saying??? So Sad

I miss the old Robin Thick…

Ladies who are dying for a BIG FAKE ASS…If that’s what you want to walk around with do you but she looks like a clown lol

When Miley Cyrus did it, it was national news when Chris Brown does it nobody gives a damm..lol

 Chris Brown has left Twitter

These Dumb ass kids should be in class not listen to this shit andother clown what you think about Miss NaNa..Yeah I know lol

You know when You suppose to talk about creating jobs and shit you don’t say “insulation is Sexy” because that’ s all the focus will be on. What a fucking  joke and how is somebody suppose to insulate their home if they don’t have a Fucking Job?