*Quick Nutz*

Mariah Carey you Pink! you Pig bitch. Now that you sound like shit you want to be “black” well I don’t want cha…How long did it take her to say she’s black 20 yrs??? I am shocked that the audience was mad hype when she told George Lopez that he had some African blood in him, I heard that most Latinos don’t like to be reminded that they black..oh well.

Wanna smell like Popeye’s Chicken and fried Yaki #4 then You’ll Love

Looks like they fucked up on the legs while they Photo shopped the color off her..FAIL!

These are HOT! and I bet Rihanna will be rocking these in the future

Looks like someone’s  daughter is a young HOE….lol

Why is this big chined bitch so pressed to let everybody know that she fucked him??? Oh…I know she trying to get famous by fucking the famous…sad..

Chris you should beat the brakes off this bitch…lol

Oh No Low Budget FemCee rap battle on the Horizon..Could Be Good?

Happy Monday!!!!!!!!

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