*New Movies*

So we have New movies to look Forward to in 2010…Let’s have a look shall we???

Repo Men

Sex and The City 2

(Why, What is this even about)

Brittany Murphy’s Last role Deadline

The Back-Up Plan

(same old shit Jen?)

Valentine’s Day


(Love Leo)

Shutter Island

(Looks Good)

The Wolfman

(I want to see This)

The Last AirBender

(Controversy about this ASIAN cartoon being White-Washed for the big Screen, but then what’s new?)

 Problems with this Movie

Jackie Chan = Mr Miyagi

Jack off Jacket on = wax off wax on

They Move to China doing Kung – Fu

Then WHY is it Still Called The Karate Kid? Karate is Japanese???

Another 80’s Movie bites the dust..lol



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