Top 10 Fucked Up Trends Of 2009

I’ve notice alot of things that use to be taboo are now all the rage. I hope people wake up and step away from the fuckery…I doubt it though

10. Lace Front Weaves

If you can’t get a quality one then Please don’t

9. Light Skin vs Dark Skin

It’s an old convo and Will it ever end???

8. Skinny Jeans for Men and Babies


7. Butt Implants

Man I thank God for the Rump I got that People Pay


6. Fighting and Filming it

Especially ladies Not a good look, But I will Watch a good Fight lol

5. Famous For Nothing

Famous for Fucking the Famous…I got to get that Gig

4. Celebritit Reality T.V.

keep the junk coming cuz I’ll be a watchin

3. Homewecking Whores

*Warning: Whatever You don’t do or You do it but don’t do enough of it there will ALWAYS be a Thirsyy Bitch waiting to Please*

2. Over – Sexed Kids, Teens whatever

Teen Pregancy is a Motha!

1. Be a ” Baby’s Mama” get your Own Show and Shit

Yes Having kids by somebody famous or just having kids is a MAJOR come up…I

Nivea is a busy

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