Top 10 Of 2009…

Here is my list of the Top 10 events and happenings that have left me and maybe you baffled this lovely 2009…I cant believe it’s been 10 Years already…lol

10. Rhianna



I can say this Rihanna has become a huge star and a blog mainstay. She was big when she won a Grammy for “Umbrella” but she shot to the moon that fateful night in February 2009. “The Punch and Bites heard around the world”, Not to mention nude pics surface and she got the BEST stylist in the Everyone wanted the details as to what jumped off that night and to this day nobody knows, but in a good P.R. moves she decided to wait damm near a year and a new album to tell all well no one cares Interview after interview and still nothing. Now that she has become an over – sexed fuck kitten and her so- called much-anticipated album came out and flopped, I am curious to see what Rihanna will do next. Sex Tape, Lesbian affair….Stay Tuned!!

9. Twitter

I thought Facebook was addictive. Twitter has become a public relations nightmare with many famous folks saying and posting the wrong shit at the wrong time then having to turn around and apologize for it later and then deleting their shit all together. Then, you have the “follow wars” somehow the more people who follow you the better you feel about yourself…lol

Twitter is going to continue to be big but I do predict something fucked up will happen behind it. Think about it: If I’m angry and looking for that someone to cause harm to all I have to do is get their twitter account and follow them. People tell their exact location, what they wear and their next move all for the world to see…I just like to be nosey but even thats getting old.

8. Kanye – Gate

All the man did was go up on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards snatch the mike from at the time small time artist Taylor Swift and the rest is History. Kanye West got his balls handed to him at every turn ever since. He went on a” Apology Tour” and then folks started questioning his mental health. Point blank the dude is arrogant and he was drunk, Besides it wasn’t the first time he’s done that but the way he got layed out in the media you would have thought he raped the girl…lol

7. First Black President Of The United States

You can deny that Barack Obama became a juggernaut that Hillary Clinton and John McCain were not expecting. Running on little experience in just about all fields, Obama still manage to pull out and Win the Most powerful seat in the world. Not to mention, but do keep mentioning, the man has a Black Father and A white Mother and did I mention that he is Black!!!!

That really is all… So far he has been in office a Year and I am truly disappointed and Disgusted to be the so – called “Change” that has never Come and believe me Change is not going to come…lol

6. Britney Spears Breakdown and Comeback

I kinda enjoyed the pain that this once pure as the driven snow pop tart went through but then I said nah she got kids and this is getting sad. I really though she was going to kill herself. How can someone with millions have such an epic breakdown for the world to see. I’m not going to rehash the happenings but I guess it was something that HAD to happen…

Now she is touring, managed to put out 2 platinum selling albums and get her mind right, I guess she’s back to normal a little. Good for Her!


5. Cheating Ass Men…The Rise Of The Mistress

I used Cindy McCain’s pic because she was  Senator John McCain’s Mistress or Jump-off before he put a ring on it…

Yeah… I said it. When haven’t we heard about some old cheat ass dude not to mention a cheating ass famous dude. You would think that these athletes and rappers/singers/ actors would learn that what you do in the dark will and it always does come to light.

Seems that the new hustle is fuck somebody famous sell your story and you too can receive that infamous 15 mins of Fame. Tiger Woods cheated yes and it’s fucked up but the coverage that he received was sad. Michael Jordan, Shaq, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant…do you want me to go on Hell Kobe was on trial for Rape and he didn’t get it like Tiger…lol


Say what you want but US taxpayers got fucked real good last summer. First we had to endure the never-ending Campaign for President then the inevitable hit. For some reason Oil spiked and was sold at $170 a barrel. What did that mean for US broke ass Americans? $4 a buck at the pump. That was a long, hot non- traveling summer lol. What was the cause, The reason for the spike?? Answer: Wall Street Speculators

Speaking of Wall Street…We return not even 3 months later with the Government telling us that the United States the Major Super Power in the Free world is on the verge of Economic collapse exactly like the Great Depression of the 1930’s. They claim that they POLLED AMERICANS asking what to do about the big firms and banks that fucked up in the first place. WE said let them fail…You know what the Government said..NO! they are too big to fail oh and here is $75o Billion for your Trouble…lol

Here we are a Year later and not only do the TO BIG TO FAIL BANKS don’t lend to ANYBODY but themselves but no one knows what happen to all the money…We have been Swindled Folks

3. Rise Of Reality Television

Thank MTV for no longer playing music but continuously cranking of the most moronic reality T.V. shows ever. VH1 I see You. Yes they are a guilty pleasure and yeah they make a mockery of all cultures but you know what this is what the people want and this is what we get.

Can take it, Go and get your favorite shows on DVD because the death of the sitcom is upon us.

2. Sarah Palin

I can care less for her but the moment John McCain made a desperate attempt to win over white conservative women voters he pulled this bish otta the hat. The question for half of 2009 is who is Sarah Palin she then became a political and pop culture superstar. Even when the media makes fun of her she still is the winner simply because they keep her in the News for nothing.

Yeah she is one big giant contradiction but guess what I don’t think she is going any where anytime soon…lol

1. Michael Jackson’s Death.

Question: Where and What were you doing when you found out Michael Jackson died?

When that question is posed and EVERY LIVING THING stops to answer it You know Mike’s passing was and still is the Most shocking thing to happen in 2009.

So did miss anything??? Hit the comments Let me know Your Moments!!!

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