*New Year Quick Nutz*

This is Gonna be a Long Hard Nut, So Enjoy

Jay-Z Debuted his new Hit “On to the next One” right after the Ball Dropped. This video don’t stop people from thinking he is A Mason either..lol

I see Diamond from Crime Mob got a new Joint that will only be played in ATL…lol “if you a bad bitch through your pussy at him”….So ummm 2009 Step your shit up…sheesh!

Heard it Before…Hmmm

Which One You Like????

Vivica got an alter Ego too….*Yawn*

It”s called Photoshop..Ladies lose weight the healthy way. Images like ole Beyaki over there give teen and some low self-esteem bitches the wrong idea.

Suppose to be With and WITHOUT make – up BUT it’s WITH and WITH Make – Up…Give me a Break!!!

 One Big Happy Family…I watched and FOOD IS A HELL OF A DRUG!!!! Airs Tuesdays at 9pm on TLC

Guess what is Coming back to us in 2010..Look out For It!!!!

This Shit Right here I Shall pass on… “feel it in your pussy to your fuckin finger nails” Crazy!!!

Cassie…This is Good. You got this One…I like!

In the words of Antwon MerryWeather….”Hated It”..lol

 In 2010 I’m SO SO over Rihanna

This one is for Japan only…Why do they put Bonus stuff on overseas releases??? I don’t like it Anyway..lol

Tweet got a Buzz Joint for you…Excellent!!!!

Here is Slim Thug getting a nut…How Gross!

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