Just Random Questions

Why is it that it easier to get public assistance when aren’t a citizen of the U.S. but a U.S. citizen gets the hard way to go?

Why is it that the U.S. is losing jobs and homes everyday but yet immigrants continue to come here…For what exactly?

How is building a big ass stupid building an accomplishment? Unless you rich you’ll never get the chance to see it?

Why did it take a man with explosives in his draws, to get the Airline Security industry a reason to get their security game proper? You would think that was a no brainer lol

Why is it that in the 3 major airports in New York have so many foreigners running them? Have you been through La Guardia Airport Lately it’s like being in 17 different countries at once lol

Why do we build up other countries while our country is falling apart?

Didn’t you think that President Obama was going to solve all our problems??? You know you did…Jokes on us

Why are people shocked when someone does something racist? We’re shocked and nothing happens

Why is Sprint putting on charges that I have never seen before? You know I’m gonna Call lol

Who is Bert Hume to say to Tiger Woods that Buddhism isn’t a good religion? How dare he tell someone to join Christianity? How many damm christians cheat on their fuckin wives??….WOW!!

As many famous people cheat and beat up their wives why is it tha Tiger Woods is getting the most right now???

Why do people ask for Pat Buchanan’s Opinion??

Why are people so sensitive?

If you want to answer any of these Questions…Feel Free!

3 thoughts on “Just Random Questions

    1. Being that I’m human I do tend to make mistakes. I guess there is always gonna be a smart ass with a wack ass name to find some little shit to point out..lol

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