*Late Night Quicky*

Well looks like another rich white girl has kicked the Bucket. Johnson and Johnson heiress has been found dead at 30. Casey Johnson was Suppose to marry Telia Tequlia….I’m sure it was Drugs…smh

How Dumb can you be to think that this is what’s poppin. So she doesn’t plan on getting a damm Job????

So someone decided to hang the President in GA

I have never heard of these magazines and if it wasn’t for blogs and MTV’s Sweet Sixteen you wouldn’t know who she was either lol

I like funky shades like most but these things that Angel Lola Luv has on are Stupid looking…

I am loving this spread being a Curvy girl myself it’s nice to see the Thick NOT FAT sexy girls rocking the Labels. * Fact * the average size American woman is a 14. A healthy American Woman that is..

So this is the Chick that’s Making Mary’s pimp hand raise up on Kendu

 Laneah, and she is an artist  on Mary and Kendu’s label MATRIARCH RECORDS.

Must be nice Chris to have money all exposed and ready to spend. Famous folks are so humble. I don’t know who the chick is but I’m pretty sure that he’s gonna Beat it up…*giggle*

5 thoughts on “*Late Night Quicky*

  1. A man is a man, whether he is rich, poor or middle class. And pussy will always be just that, pussy!
    On a good side the shoes in the spread super funky, i love them! And I am so OVER Chris B. Get it together young man you are done!

  2. Heard on the radio about the Obama doll with a noose hanging…. just didn’t believe that in this day and time some ignoramus would boldly make a racist statement like that…. People we have a black president yes he is black….. get over it and get it together! GO OBAMA!

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