*Quick Nutz*

Here is ya boy Trey Songz Hamming it up in his new Video

Keri Hilson wanted to let Beyonce fans know what they can do for her and I can agree lol

Tiger Woods shirtless, pumping iron, and looking like a menacing Cablasian lol


I remember when I used to record songs off the radio he used these explosions which I hated and  it would always fuck up my tape lol. Funk Flex wouldn’t be Funk flex if his old ass wasn’t talking shit:

”Christina millian has played herself as well.. When dream kicks her to the curb… I’m going to seek and detroy.,” Flex wrote. “What about rkelly dropping that brick album.. “Mr touchy feely” crazy that this is allowed…Russel made kamora.. Then you get with a corn ball n*gga and pop out a kid like its groovy… Aint sh*t groovy. I peeped it!!! It was wack…No dissrespect but solange knoles is never going to pop (sell records) Beyonce shouldn’t have to carrry all that dead weight,” Flex wrote on Twitter. Funkmaster Flex continued “No dissrespect but kelly rolland is not going to pop also! Kellis played herself too!!! She’s crazy for sh*tiing on nas. She was finished before nas gave her a life.What was she thinking…B*tch just because you f*cked joe buddens and was in the 50 video doesn’t make you a celeb (buddens gave you a life) There is no new era hat that can fit rihanna … No way!!! No dissrespect but beenie sigel dissing jayz didn’t work at all…No dissrespect tpain dissing jayz didn’t work at all!!! Lil wayne baby mammas is crazy!!When they decide to get upset.. They all getting tv shows!!!”

The Typo are from Flex and will not be corrected lol

via drewreports

“‘The Return of Freaknik”, based on the infamous Atlanta HBCU spring break picnic of the same name Lil’ Wayne will be the voice of Jesus Christ and to join in the fuckery is T- Pain and Hipocrate David Banner…How wonderful..smh Look out for it on my Birthday scheduled to air March 12, 2010 on Adult Swim

Toya Lil’ Wayne’s baby mama something that she will ALWAYS be know for even if she found the cure for cancer, Anyway her and her new man with the nickname “Sexi Face” got some kiddy ass tats to show their love…lol

Sexi Face



3 thoughts on “*Quick Nutz*

  1. I love it toya my girl keri my girl beyonce fans can go to hell like i said she more of a pop star then r&b she lost her roots and plus bey dont sing with emotion keri keep speaking the truth love toya tat wayne thats my homie christina millian also put be in her place me and flex from same hood dmv yall all need to let dc wash get into the game fars music damn kelly roland sings better then beyonce lil sis solonge she a real lady love ya girl

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