We still NEGROS????

So to further separate Ourselves from Ourselves. The 2010 census form now has a new option for BLACK people we can now call ourselves NEGRO again…Via NewYorkPost:

Question No. 9 on this year’s census form asks about race, with one of the answers listed as “black, African-Am. or Negro.” Census Bureau spokesman Jack Martin said the use of “Negro” was intended as a term of inclusion.

“Many older African-Americans identified themselves that way, and many still do,” he said. “Those who identify themselves as Negroes need to be included.” The form was also approved by Congress more than a year ago, and the word has appeared on past forms. The use of Negro began disappearing elsewhere with the civil rights movement of the 1960s, as black or African-American became the preferred terms.

You know what, this is just another attempt to further separate black folks from each other. The Government or whoever came up with this shit  knows that blacks latch on to petty shit i.e. skin tones, nappy hair vs weaves. Instead of giving into the bullshit either check OTHER and put what you want or don’t fill the form out at all.

Why not adjust all the choices for every race? it’s a joke that writes it’s self. I was reading someone’s opinion on this subject. They said that they were Latino and they didn’t understand why blacks are so out – raged by the term “NEGRO”. This person said that Negro means black in spanish..lol. That’s fine and all except the history of the word says otherwise.  What are they going to put on the 2011 census?? Let me Guess Nigger because we identify with that word too..

I’m calling my self Afro- American since it was acceptable in the 70’s lol I mean thats the logic they are using.

I’ll leave the subject with this, If that line said Latino, Hispanic not of African origin, Spick. Tell me How would you feel???

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