Who Do You Think u ARE????

Yes….that is Your Birth place. Yes…that is Your Homeland and Your People, But Wyclef – Jean I think you are getting beside yourself and barking up the wrong tree. This is why many people don’t want to help or lend a hand to people or countries that are going through hard times Because when they( Wyclef) get in a position of power they bite the hand that feeds them. U.S.A. is not the only super power in the developed world this is an INTERNATIONAL issue so treat it as such.

This Man goes on Oprah talking like he’s going to go there and straighten shit that he feels is wrong with the way the US is handling the situation. His ideas are stupid and just shows you the nerve of some people. Wyclef is calling for a mass exodus from the region. He wants the U.S. to set up camps along the country side

“U.S. military to set up tent camps for the displaced people outside Port-au-Prince, with the intention of turning them into housing at a later date.”

( Like a Project…Good Idea. Shit his “charity been there 7 years why didn’t HE do that then)

He wants to go back to Haiti because he doesn’t like the way food is being dropped on ‘his People”

The Haitian people, he urged, “are not animals.” But that’s exactly how he believes residents are being treated, judging by the news coverage of helicopter-assisted food drops that have taken place since last week’s earthquake.

Funny when the food wasn’t getting there fast enough there was a problem. This is the same method use when the soldiers are in the field or in battle  by  Air – Drop it’s nothing disrespectful to the people just more convenient.

“The Haitian people told me specifically when I was coming on your show to tell people, ‘Stop with the photo ops,'” he said. “Haiti don’t need no more photo ops.” “We need logistics, we need people to go to the airport who can get stuff out of the airport and to the people.”

When hurricane Katrina was in full effect how you think those people got the food, Air -Drops where was he I guess regular blacks aren’t his people. Fuck Otta Here. He needs to realize that it is more complex and dangerous to get to people who are desperate and are acting with violence…God forbide some Haitian gets killed by an American Soldier for acting out. You know how the news can be…I haven’t heard the word “Refugee” Yet lol

 What is this Jean a Photo Op dumbass. We need photos and Footage Seeing is believing . If it wasn’t for Photo – Ops do you think people would have cared about Katrina, 9/11, the Civil Rights Movement should I go on???? 

What he needs to do is fix that Shady ass Yele Haiti Foundation why he want people to send him money. MONEY MONEY MONEY sending money does what??? Paper money means nothing to people who are eating Dirt literally. If you want to give send it to the American Cross not to his fund. Don’t just send money clothes, can-goods, diapers, baby food give what you can and don’t feel guilty about not sending money…. how can people be choosy thats crazy.

I am honestly tired of talking about this because you know what in about two months this will be old news and the same fucked up business will continue…Mark my words…Folks are so phony in a time of crisis it just burns me up…

*and I don’t appreciate Rihanna for fucking up such a beautiful song the nerve of her…

6 thoughts on “Who Do You Think u ARE????

  1. Sorry Wyclef but I am truly convinced you may just be like the rest of those major entities of capitalization. Granted he is proud of who he is and has a passionate love to his homeland but @ the end of the day there was poverty then and poverty now. All them millions all these orgs have received throughout the years of services, there is still no housing, jobs, food, schools. COME OFF OF IT! It’s a shame money does make the world go round and the ones that don’t have are seen as inadament objects.

    1. he stole from his own org. and now he feeling the heat. The US doesn’t need his stinky help. He can’t help himself

  2. In this time of turmoil, we do not need negativity.
    Plus Ive witnessed with my own eyes how Wyclef’s foundation has helped victims of major hurricanes in the past (Gonaives 2004-2005), way before the News would even mention Haiti in their Top Stories.
    I understand that you may not know, and that you are entitled to your opinion, but speaking with such intense negativity doesn’t help the situation.

    Haiti is not just a topic of conversation, it is REAL.

    However, I do appreciate your desire to do what is right and denounce what is wrong, it’s just that this may not need to be directed towards this man in particular.

    Also, I am sure what he meant by the photo opps is the extremely graphic photos of people that are displayed without their consent. but I understand that it IS a double standard since it does shine light on the situation.

    Thanks for caring nonetheless

  3. His connection with the people who all look up to him is what will make the difference. Wyclef can walk through the most dangerous slums in Haiti with no security and nothing will happen to him. This is deeper than some fraud speculation, the man has some serious leadership skills over our people.

    His presence ans his foundation who will partner with all the major relief organizations, will help things run much more smoothly.

    Also, your reference to the tent cities he is planning on building, he did not do them before because they were NOT needed. NOW they are needed, because of all the people left without shelter, and they are being moved from the capital simply because the capital has pretty much vanished. how could he had done something in the past years that wasnt needed?

    Please know that I am not speaking because I’m a fan of his or a yele rep or whatever, just know that ive lived in Haiti my entire life and i’ve seen what he’s done for every single hurricane disaster that we’ve had WAY before the Media took attention.

  4. I just had a heated debate over this Captain save a country/rapper, this man really need to go to Hatiti and be hands on… If he has a complaint about the way U.S. dropping food, then go out there and help pass it out. You go out there and dig for the living and the dead. Don’t let Anderson Copper show you up by saving your people. I think that him asking the U.S. for all this extra is bull. People fail to remember a hurricane that happen in our country,our Black American people, it took 2 damm weeks to get to a city within the U.S., but it only took less than 3 days to get to a Aids infected, cursed, third world hell hole. I say save who you can and get out, because if Haitian Americans don’t give a shit why should we!!

    1. We on the same page Jennifer. The man is fullof shit just like most…Don’t wait till the shit falls apart fix it from jump. Wyclef didn’t and everybody is see through his shit

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