You know I always get my hopeS up for some exciting and unexpected stuff to happen at these awards shows but You know it’s becoming the SAME shit different toilet… Well this is MY recap incase you had the good fortune of missing it lol Them 3D glasses were the worst lol


PINK – seen it before but I enjoyed it all the more


Lady GaGa and Elton John was Ight


BeYonce and an Army for no damm reason then you fucked up “U otta Know” FAIL!!!


Come on if You not gonna give the proper send-off then Just STOP already

Why??? Moments :/

Jennifer Lopez aka J.Lo aka LoLa introducing Green Day….Why??? Oh and the Outfit is a FAIL!

I thought Britney was getting Better? What happen??

Why did you do your hair like that Michelle???

Why do ya’ll have on them wacky ass lace front wigs??? Outfits=FAIL!

Didn’t J – Hud look lovely… I really liked this outfit…Try not to pay attention to her “Punk”

Well that is all I can say for these Bull shit ass Awards…I will say this and I don’t care if you thing its mean. Can somebody PLEASE keep that Girl off the Mike she is clearly creepy and Mike (Maury Voice) u ARE NOT the FATHER lol

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