Fuckery on Flim + Quick Nutz Yay!!!!

It’s Brazil so is it safe to say she will go on to Prostitution?….Yes! There are Men who Think little girls and boys are SEXY..smh

I see why Dwight Howard don’t want his Baby Mama to speak his Name…Then again I think this is why he Fucked Her???

I smelled Beyoncé’s HEAT so you don’t have to. Now if you want to smell like a Pissed out mattress with a touch of RAID this HEAT is for you….lol no Seriously Oh and since we on The Queen of Yaki, She has a new baby brother, she is being sued and here is a fun quote about how weird it was for her to tell her HUSBAND she Loved Him….

“”He [Jay] was shocked. He was just like, ‘What did you say?’ I was just like, ‘What did I just do? No, I didn’t just say that.’ I was so happy, I could’ve said anything. That’s why I ran off the stage.”

One more tit bit about Beowolf (love that Nickname better) she is suppose to play the LEAD in a re make to “A Star is Born” please look at who the leads were back in the Day…Blink Blink…good luck with that lol Oh Russell Crowe will be her love intrest..

Garland, Stresiand, Knowles…I think Not!!!!

Now VIBE that’s why I refuse to read you if you gonna air brush Serena to what you think she should look like then you ought to be ashamed of yourselves and be consistant air brush both pics…sheesh! What message are you sending. She has an athlete’s body DEAL WITH IT. Congrats on the Win…GIRL!!!!!

Now Folks know this Bish is CRAZY why not just steer clear of “Danger”

Did you Know that During that Grammy shit Kelly WON a Grammy for Her song ” When Loves Takes Over”…Congrats Kelly!!!

ANOTHER REALITY SHOW Brandy and Ray J “A Family Business

Remeber Brandy’s “Special Delivery” in 2002 My how Times have Changed..smh

So Foxy is Deaf, Angry and putting ALL on Blast…We might have a Problem…What You Think??



J.Lo and Rihanna talking??? Please don’t let it be what I think it could Be

I’ll pass sound like the same lame ass country shit. In 2010 can we use the word Ladies…Rasheeda sounds like Nicki Minaj or should i say Nicki Minaj sounds like Rasheeda??…I’m just saying


Robin WAS sexy but this song and them dances Just don’t do it for Me..ugh!!

 Fellas this is NOT how you treat the Ladies….LMAO

Happy Saturday!!!!

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