You know I am happy that famous folk want to come out and step into the real world now and then but all this Telethon Bullshit is becoming very contrived…IN MY OPINION!!!

Lets do the Math here for a Minute.

Private Donations – Americans have donated some $519 million, $122 million has come from U.S. companies, Hope for Haiti – $58 Million, Canada for Haiti – 9.4 million, ensemble for Haiti (French, Who by the way Colonized Haiti) – 6.8 million, “Text Haiti” – 8 Million. To date $2 billion Dollars raised Worldwide with the Americans donating the Most.

Now before you go saying  What the Hell is my problem… My one Question is Where is this Money Going because I don’t see no Progress what so ever. I am aware The history that Haiti and the United States have so please spare me with the history less in the comment section lol.

There is talk about forgiving the Haitian Debt which began with the French after they Gained their Independence from Slavery in 1804 $21 billion not to mention the fucked up folks that have been in power since then. Now I agree to cancel the Slave debt that just some French bullshit. But the Debt that accumulated modern day should stand. Why they didn’t cancel anybody else’s debt when there were other disasters Natural or Not.

I just don’t see anything good coming out of this money that is being sent to these Organizations. The people want Water, Food, clothes, Medical Attention and Shelter. That money should be put to use already form what the Red Cross says It’s not that expensive so What is the Fucking Problem What is Taking SO LONG?!!!

  • $5 provides a water container to store clean drinking water
  • $10 provides a blanket that is appropriate to the climate and culture of the disaster-affected area
  • $25 provides a family of 5 with a kitchen set giving them the ability to cook and serve food (a disaster can destroy even the most basic family possessions and restoring family’s self-sufficiency is essential). This includes two cooking pots, a frying pan, bowls, plates, cups, and utensils.
  • $30 provides essential hygiene materials to 5 people for one month (ensuring adequate hygiene after a disaster is essential in promoting the health of those affected). This includes items like a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, body soap, laundry soap, toilet paper, sanitary pads, a razor and a towel.
  • $60 provides tarps, rope, wood and tools for a family of five to build a temporary shelter. (2 tarps, rope, hoe, machete, tin snips, handsaw, roofing nails, shovel, long nails, tie wire, claw hammer)
  • $100 provides a cooking set, hygiene pack, blankets, and water containers for one family of five following a disaster.
  • $500 provides a family tent for a family of 5

$500 dollars for a TENT????? You know Cement is not Expensive?? Yes! concrete houses exist they are Called Projects lol!! O_O

AnyWay here is ANOTHER TELETHON for Haiti. Don’t the Stars Feel good about BET threw some shit together as they do with Everything…

Bill gonna come out for the Black folks He has an Image…Folks!

Do You have to have a shirt made for Every Damm occasion??? Smh Chris is just Happy to be somewhere… AnyWhere lol

Monica looks Nice…I might cop that Album

Okay…Ya’ll can go look for more Pics if you want lol I will say this WHEN IT HAPPENS TO THE USA and it will one day WHO THE FUCK GONNA HELP US?????

*please donate with caution*

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