PAUSE – A Moment In Black no American History Facts…

 Martin Luther King was a Republican. History will tell you that during MLK’s time, most, if not all blacks were Republicans. Why? When the Republican party was founded in 1854, it was known as the party of anti-slavery, it later championed freedom and civil rights for blacks.

I use this word Daily who would have knew???

 Scalawag – was a native white southerner who joined or supported the Republican Party during the Reconstruction. Scalawags were viewed as siding with the freedman, rather than with the white population.

Frederick Jones – invented the air conditioner.

Alice Parker – heating furnace.

John Standard- invented the refrigerator

Walter Sammons- invented the comb

Sarah Boone -invented the ironing board.

George T. Samon -invented the clothes dryer.

John Love- invented the pencil sharpener.

William Purvis -invented the fountain pen.

Lee Burridge- invented the typewriter.

Shakespeare was in love with the appearance of black women. In one of his sonnets he wrote: “Then I will swear beauty herself is black, And all they foul that thy complexion lack.”

Bartholdi, the Frenchman who originally designed the Statue of Liberty, made the statue as his countries tribute to the emancipation of U.S. slaves, however, he was “asked” to alter the appearance.

Here someone’s shocking revelation on their trip to France….

“During my visit to France I saw the original Statue of Liberty. However there was a difference, the statue in France is Black. The Statue of Liberty was originally a Black woman, but, as memory serves, it was because the model was Black. It was created in the mind of the French historian Edourd de Laboulaye, chairman of the French Anti-Slavery Society, who, together with sculptor Frederic Auguste Bartholdi,proposed to the French government that the people of France present to the people of the United States through the American Abolitionist Society, the gift of a Statue of Liberty in recognition of the fact that Black soldiers won the Civil War in the United States.

When the statue was presented to the U.S. Minister to France in 1884, it is said that he remonstrated that the dominant view of the broken hackles would be offensive to a U.S. South, because since the statue was a reminder of Blacks winning their freedom. It was a reminder to a beaten South of the ones who caused their defeat, their despised former captives.”

Chemotherapy was discovered by Dr. Louis T. Wright and his daughter.

Daniel Hale Williams-first surgeon to successfully perform open hear surgery. The patient, who was black lived for 50 years after the surgery.

T.J. Marshall Was awarded the patent for the fire extinguisher in 1872

Black is a mystery, and part of my history. Black is bold and worth a hell of a lot more than gold.

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