A Really Fast Nut ;)

So Chris Brown has been black – listed as we all know for showing Rhianna his knuckles. Now Chris can’t get a venue for his Birthday Party. Seems that the owners of some big clubs don’t want to ruin their relationship with the Alien Princess lol. You know I think Chris Brown needs to take my advice and fall off the radar for a minute. All the begging … Continue reading A Really Fast Nut 😉

*Quick Nutz* Sights and Sounds

You know this shit right here is just nasty. She acts like she is so dainty but yet her pussy is in full display. Everybody is going in on Lady Ga Ga  and her boring ass trashy Video for “Telephone” that no one is checking this bitch. Look if you think this Janky ass dance Beyoncé is doing is okay well then you need to check your priorities. This old ass over-sexed winch stretching … Continue reading *Quick Nutz* Sights and Sounds

Reality Bullshit….

There are so many “Reality” shows on T.V. that I long for the days when my sister use to turn the channel in my face to Matlock, a real scripted Show. Fast forward to 2010 and all you get is stupid ass dating shows, shows about people Hording, drugging, fucking, fighting, smiling, smelling and just damm watching them watch a reality show all this for $60 bucks … Continue reading Reality Bullshit….

*Quick Nutz and Thoughts*

I could remember a time when videos just I don’t know came on, lol I would go to school and somebody would say “Did you see that New video?” then you ‘d be like No I didn’t know they had a new video. At that point you would have to wait and wait till the new video pop up on either The Box or Video Music Box,  no the internet was … Continue reading *Quick Nutz and Thoughts*