*Quick Nutz* and A Hey Howdy Ya’ll!!!!

*Yawn*  Being that she is such a talented song “writer” And “Producer”, Beyonce couldn’t produce a better name… Anyway she opened a cosmetology School in a Drug rehab center. Because ain’t nothing like having a thousand pound weave attached to ya skull while going through those pesky withdrawls….

The mayor kept his remarks brief — and rolled his eyes when Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz described the new center as “bootylicious.”

I’m so tired of her and her… Speak of the DEVIL

So Jigga realized that having money gets you into High places. From slinging rocks to rockin out at the White House.

I’m just saying Keri ya looking a little Lil’ Kim-ish

If your were waiting on Lady GaGa and her song with Beyaki…well keep waiting….It’s been pushed back…Hmmmm I wonder why doesn’t Alicia Keys video with Beyaki come out this week? I mean we don’t want Beyaki to become over-exposed now do we….lol Too Late!

Now this is NEWS…Jimmy Fallon reunited the cast of “California Dreams” I loved that show and I especially loved the theme song…smh They just don’t make shows like this anymore

LMAO…I like the way they paused and looked at each other for a moment

I think this is a commercial for “Larry’s Stakes” that is all I will say about this O_o


2 thoughts on “*Quick Nutz* and A Hey Howdy Ya’ll!!!!

  1. You took me back with that california dreaming. Dag, I thought I was the only person in the world who watched (and secretly liked) that show.

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