*Quick Nutz and Thoughts*

I could remember a time when videos just I don’t know came on, lol I would go to school and somebody would say “Did you see that New video?” then you ‘d be like No I didn’t know they had a new video. At that point you would have to wait and wait till the new video pop up on either The Box or Video Music Box,  no the internet was not popping 15 years ago and it was all exciting when you saw your favorite artist had something new….Thoes were the days

Well Now Videos have previews and teaser photos lol

Lady GaGa “Telephone is not avant guard like it was sold to be. It was extremely Gay with a lot of product placement lol. Oh and Beyoncé had a hard time keeping up with the dancing. I guess she is not used to REAL dancing without splitting her vagina. I will not be posting the video but here is a pic..lol

So Jay – Z  broke ground on a new stadium for the Nets he own about 1% of the club team(middle class & low income families living in the downtown area of Brooklyn where this stadium is being built is against this because they are being bought out of their homes)

While he look all presidential like his wife decide to look like a high paid Whore lol. Bish is looking real old…smh

So what I’m not understanding these ladies are “Basketball Wives” but Shaunie O’Neal DIVORCE was made final. Dwight Howard made the court tell his BABY MOMMA  Royce Reed not to speak his name or else…lol Why is she even on the show she is NOT married??? Them other bitches I have no Idea who they are, they look like bust downs that got lucky and I don’t care to Google lol. So if this is your thing Check it Out, As much shit I talk You know I’ll be watching LMAO!!!!

With the sad Passing of Corey Haim his “bestie” Corey Feldman had to come out and get some casket shine. As you know or if you don’t know Corey Feldman has had an infatuation with Michael Jackson for like EVER.

Well he made an appearance on Larry King and Feldman”s Mike Jackson’s impression hit epic proportions lol. Clearly he is on the bad shit


Jamie Foxx and Stacey Dash are bumping uglies. Well we already seen his dick and stuff so she should be somewhat satisfied

The new Whitney Houston singer Monica and her Buck – Tooth fiance Rocko have called it quits. I mean have you hear this man speak lol Sorry for them in any case

Wow lol So since Beyoncé wanted to get down with Lady GaGa in her quest to become a POP Icon. I think she is getting attention that maybe she wasn’t looking for….Did Beyonce GET TURNED OUT????? Bwah hahahaha

“Honey B looking like the dominate one…smh

One thought on “*Quick Nutz and Thoughts*

  1. the first thing i thought when I saw this pic–I bet Beyonce is pissed that she was painted that hue. because as we all know, she’s not black, she’s creole.

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