*Quick Nutz* Sights and Sounds

You know this shit right here is just nasty. She acts like she is so dainty but yet her pussy is in full display. Everybody is going in on Lady Ga Ga  and her boring ass trashy Video for “Telephone” that no one is checking this bitch. Look if you think this Janky ass dance Beyoncé is doing is okay well then you need to check your priorities.

This old ass over-sexed winch stretching her cunt out during a “performance”

So Chris Brown’s career is on life support. What is a nigga to do?? Pick a Fight…lol

From PLATINUM to PORCELAIN how tragic this chicken is back in the Bathroom..smh

Remember I told Ya’ll that they just don’t put out videos anymore,, NO they give sneak peeks and shit lol. So here is Usher and that Barbie Clown Ass chick trying to pull a bitch in his new vid.

“Smooches” sounds like “Diva”  Bangladesh is the producer and he needs to broaden his beats. This is also the track that chick Teyana Taylor said was hers first

Oh well…in any case I’m not moved. You can go search for it cuz YouTube is not giving me what I need right now lol

Rollacoasta Is cool good excercise song I kinds like it. It has to grow on me. Now tha Estelle has been fixing up lately lol

Janet got some old school heat that I can appreciate….



So is Droopy Dog a rapper or a singer I’m confused but the track is I donno…

Larry Birkhead is salty he went through all that work trying getting custody of Anna Nicole’s baby Dannilynn and look he ends up with no ends. You know that’s why dude was jumping up and down when they told him he was the father. $300 million was on the line…Well I wish him and his daughter the best.

Sheesh…Jay – Z really thinks he is the King of New York. Same story folks from Ashy to Classy…Rite!!


Health Care Reform has Passed. On to the Senate to “FIX” the shit LMAO I’m not even gonna touch on this because I feel this was nothing more than a play to save face. Well President Obama can say he has done something no other President could do. Great, Just pass any fucking thing and Keep on Taxing the Fuck otta me… I guess but if I hear another person say YES..WE DID IT! I’m gonna scream YOU DIDN”T DO SHIT. I thought it was unconstitutional to FORCE people to buy anything….Let me Stop on this Subject..lol

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