Reality Bullshit….

There are so many “Reality” shows on T.V. that I long for the days when my sister use to turn the channel in my face to Matlock, a real scripted Show. Fast forward to 2010 and all you get is stupid ass dating shows, shows about people Hording, drugging, fucking, fighting, smiling, smelling and just damm watching them watch a reality show all this for $60 bucks a month…smh. I’m not gonna lie I do watch some of them just for the pure bullshit that folks would put themselves through just to get on the tube.

Kristie Alley

got a  show for being a fat washed up actor. Over the years she when on Oprah to show her “New Body” only to gain the weight back. She has been on the covers of rad mags just being fat and depressing. Now she gets a show to capitalize on just that being fat. Like who even gives a damm?

She already had a show called “Fat Actress” now we on this fat shit again. I wont be watching but I just think its funny that she can parade around in her fat but yet Gaborney Sidibe has to get ripped to shreds daily…Double Standard maybe but that is another post lol

Bad Girls Club

Hey I watched this season and notice that premise of the show has been totally The first season as Oxygen put it was about ladies coming into the house and finding themselves. They were suppose to make some kind of change but over time it’s just tuned into who can be the baddest, most over the top bitch. They beat each other the WHOLE season lol Hey this show was entertaining and I will be watching the next seasons.

16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom

 These were some of the most disrespectful girls with the exception of the red – head Maci that I have seen on t.v. The show is suppose to show the Harsh reality of Teen Moms but all it really showed was small town country girls with nothing to do besides go to football games, rough ride on bikes, going to house parties to get wasted and fucking to pass the time. Unfortunately these girls didn’t think that they could get Knocked up. Like every girl has said that dumb ass line so far.

The girls talk to  their parents like shit mind you these are the same people who are HELPING them.

The worst so far was Farrah but Janelle takes the cake..sheesh

 Some shows I CANT and WON”T do Hoarders on A&E is so frustrating that I just want to shake them people, they just don’t get it

I can go on and on but I am just tired of these fucking Reality shows. Well there are more to come so be on the look out for

So Brandy Keeps singing in the damm Bathroom she gets no album, she gets a damm show with her corney Bro.. Then we have What Chilli Wants – VH1, Taking on Tyson – Animal Planet, High Society – CW, The Tournament – VH1, America’s Worst Driver – Travel Channel. Well look if you want to schedule your headaches early her is the listing of up – coming “realty” shows


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