*Quick Nutz*

I say it’s a Fact Kourtney is the Oldest and the Prettiest sister. Kim’s surgery looks too tight and swollen, Khole I just never liked her I can say what I want Image…That is All Jenny Hudson Baby Boy is SO SWEET!!! Dwight Howard’s Baby Boy is a Cutie too bad his mama is on that Dumb ass show and it’s not helping her “Groupie Image” Stacey Dash was NEVER … Continue reading *Quick Nutz*

*Sights and Sounds*

Now this bish here has been talking shit about just about every female rapper out there like she got 15 platinum records and hits out the ass. Now remember she was booted off of Ms. Rap Supreme lol. Well here is the “My Neck My back” singer giving you straight Banshee – Someone acting insane like an animal or ghost. Such as screaming, running, or just acting … Continue reading *Sights and Sounds*